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Here’s One Of My Favorite Summer Special Drink Virgin Mojito

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Special Summer Drink Virgin Mojito is a classic and refreshing non-alcoholic drink made from mint leaves, lemon juice and sweetened to taste. It is great for parties and entertaining since everyone can enjoy it plus is super simple to make.

Be it a festival, a house party Or just a simple family get together, I like to be the perfect host!

I feel that if the drinks are starters are yummy, the mood of the party sets amazingly good.

It is also very popular all over the world, and you will find it on the menu of almost all the Indian and Continental restaurants.

Ingredients for Making Virgin Mojito:

•1 tablespoon lime juice or to taste

• 1 tablespoon simple syrup or honey or to taste

• 10-12 mint leaves

• 1/2 lime sliced

• Ice as required

• Club soda, sprite, sparkling water or ginger ale ( as required)

• Muddler or large wooden spoon and glass of choice

What is Virgin Mojito?

Most of you may have heard of cocktail. Mojito which is an alcohol based drink made of mint leaves, lemon juice and sweetened with sugar. The non-alcoholic version of the drink is know as Virgin Mojito. The base ingredients remain same that is mint leaves and lemon juice but the alcohol gets replaced with a bubbling drink like club soda, sprite or simply sparkling water.

Let’s see how to make this easy and refreshing Special Summer Drink Virgin Mojito recipe at home.


1- In a tall serving glass add the lime juice, simple syrup, half of the lime slices and mint leaves and muddle/crush using the muddler (or use back of the large wooden spoon)

2- Muddle only for 10 seconds or so such that mint releases its essential oil.

3- Don’t ever do it as it will make the mint taste bitter and your drink may taste unpleasant.

4- Now fill your glass with ice and top with your choice of bubbling drink like club soda, sparkling water, sprite or ginger ale.

5- Garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves and serve immediately.

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