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Here’s A New Scrumptious Irish Chocolate Pudding Shots

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Irish Chocolate Pudding Shots are a grown – up dessert with a delicious minty – chocolate kick.

Irish Chocolate Pudding Shots are essentially mini shot glasses filled with pudding that has been spiked with some sort of alcoholic beverage during preparation. The shots are stored in the freezer so they get super cold and frosty, but the pudding mixture never freezes because of the alcohol content.

How Do You Make Irish Chocolate Pudding Shots?

In today’s case Irish Chocolate Pudding Shots, we mixed instant chocolate pudding with the whole milk and Bailey’s Irish Cream- a creamy, minty liqueur. Use crushed chocolate wafer cookies, then mixed the crumbs with the couple of tablespoons kahlua- the popular coffee liqueur.

Next, spooned some of the chocolate crumb mixture into the bottom of mini shot glasses, pressing the crumbs down to form a crunchy bottom layer.

Then, each cup filled with the Pudding – Bailey’s mixture, and topped with more of the chocolate crumb mixture. Place the shot glasses on a tray, then place the tray on a shelf in the freezer until ready to serve.

These Pudding Shots are great for any party! I think they are perfect addition to your dessert tray!

Ingredients For Making Irish Chocolate Pudding Shots:

• 3.9 – ounce chocolate instant pudding mix

• 3/4 cup whole milk

• 3/4 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream

• 16 chocolate wafers, divided

• 2 tablespoons kahlua


1- In a medium bowl, mix dry pudding mix with the cold whole milk and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Whisk until smooth with no lumps. Mixture will be liquedly.

2- Crush 12 of the wafers (we use mortar and pestle), then stir in the two tablespoons of kahlua.

3- Divide the mixture between 14 shot glasses, using the handle of a butter knife to press the mixture down.

4- Divide the pudding between 14 cups by pouring from a measuring cup with a spout, or use a small ladle and pour over the cookie bottom.

5- Crush the remaining 4 wafers and sprinkle over the tops.

6- Freeze and serve frozen.

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